English 12-Madness

Mr. Wood

Survival Guide


You will need the following materials: 

1. A folder for handouts, tests, quizzes, etc.

2. A Notebook

3. Your laptop


You should have the following books

1. Hamlet

2. The Lake of the Woods

3. Nine Stories

4. The Keep


Expectations I have of you:

*You will come to class prepared. That means you have completed homework, are ready for that day's quiz, test or discussion, have read, have your laptop, are able to discuss and have questions, and HAVE THE NECESSARY MATERIAL/BOOKS!


*You will come to class on time. If you have to open the door to get into the classroom, then you are late. The third late equals a lateness MO.


*If you are absent, you will contact me before our next class session. You are expected to have the homework for the day you return to class. It is your responsibility to get the assignment from me.


*I want you to think for yourselves and will not "give" you the answer to every question you ask. I will provide you with guidelines, attempt to clarify confusing directions, discussions, readings, and occasionally offer suggestions, but I will not tell you what to think, how to write, what to say, or when you're finished. You will figure out the answers to those questions throughout the term.


Expectations you should have of me:


*I will return work when promised.

*I try my best to be fair, open-minded and flexible.

*I will demand from you your best work. I realize that different students are capable of different kinds of "bests;" However, I will quickly figure out what you are capable of producing and will require you to present work that adequately reflects your capabilities. In other words, if you aren't pulling your weight, I'll be riding your back. *I'm human. I make mistakes, screw up time, place and page numbers, and have been know to forget requests, materials and changes in the schedule. Be patient with me and I'll extend the same virtue.


Tests and quizzes receive number grades (97%, 62%, 75%)

Grammar homework, reading responses, and pre-writing work receive a check, check plus, or check minus.

Essays and revisions receive letter grades (A, A-, B+)


Penalties for late work: 

If it's not handed in during class, its late...

--each student is allowed one (1) late assignment without penalty

--late pre-writing and reading responses are dropped one (1) level each day

--late essays drop one (1) level each day

--late revisions drop one (1) level each day.