Assignment #1 (HelloProject!):  


Load the HelloProject project (Hello Project download (zip))into BlueJ and exercise each of the three classes (HelloClass, HelloApplet, HelloMain).  You may also want to look at the ReadMe file, indicated with the icon:


for additional information about the project.


Edit the HelloClass to include one or more of the following methods:

·        saySpanishHello

·        sayWordyHello with several lines of output

·        sayMultipleHellos(int howMany) which uses a for() loop to call sayHello multiple times.

·        Any other simple modifications you would like.


Some possible projects:

·        Add a third method to HelloClass named sayFavoriteFood that prints a message “My favorite food is pizza.” or similar.

·        Add a new class to the project called FolkSinger that contains two methods which print two different verses of a song, and a third method that prints the chorus. 

·        Add a sayWholeSong() method to FolkSinger that “calls” the other methods to print a complete song.  For example, the body of the method might look like this: