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2008 Peddie Programming

Kyle Clark

Sean Fox

Sean Pankiewicz

Ying Ying

Gun and Monkey Physics Problem

Problem: A monkey you were supposed to be watching escaped and is now hanging from a tree branch only a short distance away from you. You have a tranquilizer dart gun and are trying to aim at it. You know the monkey has lightning reflexes and will let go of the branch the second he sees you shoot. Where should you aim, right at it, above it, or below it?

Controls for the Applet: In this program you can set the velocity of the dart, the angle(i.e. where you are aiming), and the force of gravity acting upon the dart and the monkey. In order to set each of these you must enter the desired information into the corresponding labeled text fields and then hit reset. You also may turn off and on the tracks function which shows how the dart traveled mid air. In order to launch the dart and see if your shot hit, press the fire button and watch. If the dart hits its target the animation will stop and the dart will be sticking out of the monkey, if not the dart will simply fly past until it hits the wall behind the monkey where you can then change your settings and try again.

Purpose of the Applet: Using this applet we hope to prove that no matter what the velocity of the gun, if you have an infinite space in the y direction and equal gravity enacting upon the dart and monkey. If you aim at the monkey you will eventually hit it with 100% accuracy.

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