Peddie's new Asian Studies Program

"A new History teacher with some travel experience and a couple of that IT? I thought this was going to be something COOL..."

It is. These new courses are just the first step in what's going to be an ongoing and very exciting process, one in which every member of the Peddie community is invited to participate. As we proceed, you will be able to watch this program grow and mature and, more importantly, you will be able to get involved, to tell us what you're interested in and help us to develop the program in ways that fit your needs and the needs of this community. While we're still very early in the planning stage, here are a few initial ideas about what this program might entail in the first year or two:

  • developing an "Asian-centered" world history course as an alternative sophomore history course
  • adding student and faculty trips to a variety of Asian destinations (in addition to existing China trips)
  • offering student and faculty travel grants for individual travel or study in Asia
  • bringing in outside speakers to address Asia-related topics and issues
  • developing a library of books, journals, CDs and DVDs dealing with Asia
  • increasing the number of Asia-oriented student activities (both on-campus and off-campus events)
  • exploring possibilities for "sister school" relationships and student and faculty exchanges

While this is obviously not an exhaustive list of possibilities, it gives you some idea of where we might be headed in the near future. Feel free to add your own ideas by sending an e-mail to Mr. Nicholson or attending an Asian Studies planning meeting in September.


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