AP Statistics

Words of WISDOM from Past Generations of AP Statistics students:

i. The course prepared us well for the exam.

ii. The course was well presented.

iii. The course seemed to be more relevant than other mathematics courses.

iv. The course was enjoyable (most of the time), the topics were interesting, and at the same time the situations discussed required real thinking.

v. The post AP exam project was great. It was neat how the census project was combined with the work done in the AP Government class.


TOP FIVE PIECES OF ADVICE from Past Generations of AP Statistics students:

5. There is a fair amount of group work involved in this course both in and outside of class.

4. The course requires students to do more than just perform calculations.

3. The course is different from other mathematics courses.

2. The material is not to be taken lightly.

1. The course is demanding. I was told AP Statistics was one of the easier AP's and would look good on my transcript.


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