Peddie School

Mathematics Department

Academic Honesty Statement

Peddie students are expected to be honest and fair in dealings with each other and with the faculty. Academic dishonesty, or "cheating" is a very serious violation of Peddie's rules. All cases of academic dishonesty must be reported to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. The minimum action taken is to give a grade of zero on the work in question. Some examples of academic dishonesty on math exams, tests, and quizzes include giving or receiving answers before or during testing, obtaining or giving advance information about the precise content of a test or quiz, bringing outside materials into a testing situation, and using a calculator when explicitly not permitted to do so.

Cheating on homework assignments will be defined by the individual teacher. In general it is permissible to obtain help when doing a homework assignment. However, the direct copying of answers without performing or understanding the work is never acceptable. It must be assumed that when homework is intended to be graded (such as on a "take home" test or paper), outside assistance is not permitted unless specifically allowed by the teacher. Additionally, while carrying out data collection exercises, there will be times when you will work as part of a team. It is appropriate to share data with other members of your team-but any analysis that you submit should be your own work unless your teacher tells you otherwise. In some cases, you will be required to collaborate with other students on projects and presentations that you submit for a grade. Teachers will make it clear when this collaboration is required or allowed.