AP Statistics Course Outline ( Contact Information, Values, Learning Objectives, Teaching and Learning Techniques, Daily Expectations, Evaluation, Responsibility)

Contact Information

During School Hours: (8:00-3:30) Most of the time I will be in my classroom in room 311 in Annenberg or in my office adjacent to my classroom in the event it is being used. I will not be teaching classes during blocks B, D, and F. While I am more than happy to provide assistance on a walk-in basis, the best way to ensure that you will get some quality time in order to receive help is to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

If you cannot reach me during the day, I would suggest sending me an email as I will be checking email fairly frequently: (acaglieris@peddie.org). You may also leave a message on the message board in front of my office.

After School Hours:Use email as indicated above OR

Please note that this term I will be on duty in Mariboe on Friday evenings. As the term progresses and as I get a better sense of your need for extra-help outside of class as well as my own schedule, I will determine an appropriate arrangement to offer extra-help during the hours of evening study hall (8:00-10:00pm). In the beginning, please set up appointments in advance if you anticipate requiring help during this time period. We can then determine a location and time which will be convenient for you. Note: Extra-help is not limited to Fri. evenings in fact seeking help when I'm on dorm duty is probably NOT the most effective arrangement for both the student and the faculty member.


We are all very fortunate to be part of this community both as teachers and as students. In everything that we do in our community and beyond it is understood that we will be guided by the following values:

Respect-Appreciation of and esteem for oneself, for others, and for the diversity of opinions and backgrounds at Peddie and in the larger community.

Honesty-A high regard for truth, sincerity in action, and genuine concern for honor and integrity.

Scholarship-Intellectual curiosity, active engagement in learning, and a foundation in the academic disciplines.

Balance-Time for work and play, a mix of mastery and experiment, and attention to mind, body, and spirit.

Courage-The quality that enables students to explore new ideas, to create imaginative solutions, to give and accept help, to make difficult decisions, and to grow into confident, compassionate adults.

These important values will provide the framework for our classroom rules.

Learning Objectives

Teaching and Learning Techniques to include:

Daily Expectations


Your summative evaluation will be based on the letter system adopted at Peddie. Owing to the fact that this is an AP course, raw scores on AP type assessments (free response questions or multiple choice questions) will be scaled in order to be consistent with the grading scale adopted at Peddie.

More specifically, your overall fall trimester grade will be arrived at as follows:

  1. Unit tests will account for 50% of your grade. In the event that you have an excused absence on the day of the test, you will be expected to arrange to makeup the test within two school days. In the event that you and your family are observing a religious holiday you may request a makeup date ahead of time.
  2. Quizzes will count for 15% of your grade.
  3. Individual homework assignments which are turned in for grading (Problem of the Week Assignments) will count for 10% of your grade. In completing homework assignments, unless otherwise stated, students will be expected to follow the guidelines on the Peddie statement regarding academic honesty.
  4. Statistics journals will count for 10% of your grade.
  5. Special small-group investigative tasks possibily involving presentations in addition to a written component will count for 10% of your grade.
  6. Lab type (ex. Fathom) assignments will count for 5% of your grade.
  7. Your summer assignment will count for 5% of your grade.

Your Transcript grade for the first trimester will be arrived at by the following formula: Transcript Grade = (2/3) (fall term grade) + (1/3) (fall exam grade)

Note: The weighting of any particular category may be changed in the event that the number of assignments in that category is not consistent with the previously designated weight.

FAQ: What about class participation and preparation for class (daily homework, etc...)? Your fall trimester grade grade will be adjusted upwards, remain unchanged or shift downwards by one step on the grading scale depending on the quality of your participation in class as well as your level of preparation for class. Cumulative grade will reflect your growth as a student over the course of the term.


It is my responsibility to: be prepared for class, present the material in an organized manner at an appropriate level, provide an atmosphere conducive to learning mathematics, and to be available for extra-help outside of class. Your success both individually and as a group is my primary goal. Each student, however, must accept the ultimate responsibility for his or her own learning. Remember that "there is no entitlement" (Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister).

The above instructions are intended as guidelines. Above all, I would like to stress the fact that you should not hesitate to seek extra-help if you are having difficulties. By following these guidelines you will considerably enhance your chances of having an enjoyable, successful, and rewarding year in your study of statistics..

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