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Mathematics Department Mission

The Peddie Mathematics Department provides a rigorous college-preparatory program that fosters student understanding of and appreciation for mathematics as a discipline and prepares them to use mathematics for applications outside the classroom.

What Does it Mean to Do Mathematics?

The teaching and learning of mathematics is an enjoyable yet challenging journey, which is best undertaken in the company of others. This long excursion, filled with peaks and valleys as well as lengthy plateaus, requires a great deal of perseverance, courage, and patience on the part of both the climbers and the guide. Regardless of the final summit reached on the climb, there will always be the reward of the magnificent views encountered along the way together with memories of the significant challenges overcome on the climb. My goal is to assist you to reach your mathematical summit and to be able to look back with satisfaction on your journey.

Algebra 2 Honors Course Description (Ref. Course of Studies 2011-12)

The Algebra II Honors course enhances traditional algebra with in-depth investigations of functions and algebraic applications. Multiple approaches to problem solving are encouraged. Students regularly use numerical, graphic and symbolic methods to model problems. In this course students are expected to take a very active role in their learning, working cooperatively on investigations to make conjectures and find mathematical models for observed patterns. In addition to covering the topics of our Algebra II course in greater depth, the Honors section covers trigonometry as well, and includes additional work in the areas of growth and change, iteration and recursion, and matrix applications. Students enrolling in Algebra II Honors must have solid mathematical fundamentals, a genuine enjoyment of mathematics and a willingness to pursue it enthusiastically.

Text: Algebra and Trigonometry Structure and Method, Book 2, Brown, Dolciani, Sorgenfrey, Kane, McDougal Littell

Meeting Times and Location:

Block A (Agnesi)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in Annenberg Room 311

Block E (Euler)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday in Annenberg Room 311

Block G (Galileo)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday in Annenberg Room 311

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