Literature of the Big Questions 2006  (PJClements)

While students who have taken “The Big Questions” will feel particularly comfortable in this course, all interested juniors and seniors will easily engage in its challenges.  Designed as a compliment to “The Big Questions,” this course will examine literature and film that explore religious and ethical issues.  For example, Simon Wiesenthal’s The Sunflower asks distinguished individuals such as the Dali Lama to respond to the question: what would you do if a dying Nazi soldier asked you, a survivor of a concentration camp, for forgiveness?  Siddhartha is a fictitious account of the life of the Buddha.  Lagerkvist’s  Barabbas looks at the death of Christ from the view of a criminal. Movies that may be included are Sophie’s Choice and Dead Man Walking.  As in “The Big Questions,” students will have ample opportunity to explore current religious and ethical issues.


Wiesenthal, Simon.  The Sunflower. Schocken Books. ISBN 0-8052-1060-1

Hesse, Hermann.  Siddhartha.  Bantam Books.  ISBN 0-553-20884-5

Lagerkvist, Par.  Barabbas. Vintage International. ISBN 0-679-72544-X

Weisel, Elie.  Dawn. Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-22536-7





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