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English 11 Writing Techniques


English 11 will focus on four kinds of writing this year, each with its own stylistic and intellectual requirements.


         The Expository Essay

This form of writing is a traditional academic format, useful across the curriculum at Peddie and in college. Proficiency in this sort of analytical writing is necessary for success in English 11. Built on the “five paragraph essay” model with an introduction and thesis followed by a series of ordered paragraphs that develop the thesis, the expository essay will be the tool to use for sustained analysis and explanation.



         Significant Passage Commentary

Exploring and writing carefully about the meaning and significance of an important passage or phrase is an important skill not only in the study of literature but in a variety of disciplines. The “significant passage commentary” format, a robust paragraph which first establishes the literal significance of the passage in question and then extends to an exploration of its figurative and abstract elements, is helpful in seeing the concentrated power of language and art.



         The Autobiography

Reflecting on and articulating one’s past, present, and hope for the future is a powerful way to understand and take firmer control of one’s life. Through a series of autobiographical pieces, students will explore their own lives and begin to establish a direction for their future.



         The “Twenty Minute Essay”

The ability to take a challenging idea and respond to it thoughtfully and quickly in writing is an important intellectual and academic skill. These brief essays, three to four paragraph responses to writing prompts that can come from readings or from current affairs, will be composed extemporaneously.


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