2008Peddie Bicycle Touring 2011:  June 7-13, 15-21

Riding Backroads into the Country.     GEAR!!


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·         All personal gear not being worn while riding must fit into ONE MEDIUM DUFFEL. [Sleeping bags and pads not included: they are stowed separately in trailing vehicles].



·         Riding Shoes -- 1 substantial pair:  Athletic (running) shoes, or cycling shoes.

·         Banging around footwear –1 pair: Teva type sandals or sneakers.

·         Shower shoes or immersible flip-flops (for the shower!) 1 pair.  Mandatory.

·         Socks:  5 pair +/- (small, thin, quick to dry)


Lower Body

·         Riding Shorts -- 2-3 pair. Can be lycra style biking shorts (sample, men & women) , looser mountain bike shorts (sample m / f ), or cycling underwear beneath outdoor shorts (sample)

·         Walking/outdoors shorts -- 1 pair, synthetic preferably, for wearing around camp, town, play, even swimming

·         Athletic shorts: 1 pair. mesh, airy, post ride wear. They usually say “Peddie” somewhere.

·         Long Pants – 1 pair suitable to wear in chilly or mosquito-y weather. Synthetic or light cotton. NO JEANS.  NO DENIM AT ALL!!

·         Underwear – 5 pair +/- . Synthetic best. Not for wearing while cycling.

·         Optional-- You may want to bring a pair of waterproof or water resistant rain pants.

·         Optional -- A pair of fleece pants for camp at night.


Upper Body

·         While cycling: YELLOW JERSEYS (click here!) or YELLOW SYNTHETIC T-SHIRT. (Every rider receives one yellow Peddie Cycling Jersey.. photo above)

·         T-shirts – 3-4.. At least one long sleeve! Comfortable. Nothing loud, garish, or logo-full. Peddie Ts are great.

o    N.B.: Because we are outdoors 24/7, all riders will need to cover up physically from the sun., and many MUST cover from the sun steadily: Old Dress shirts are terrific!

·         “Underarmor”-ish athletic base layer. Not required but often useful. Anti-microbial fabric is wise; modern merino wool is even better. (anti-stink).

·         Heavy Layer -- 1 fleece jacket or pullover.

·         Windbreaker -- 1 thin, lightweight windbreaker.

·         Rain Jacket -- 1 jacket that is WATERPROOF. Water resistant is not acceptable.

·         Cap


Additional Material

Small hand towel / Toilet articles (small travel size) /  Moist towelettes / Sunscreen / Bug repellent / Bandanna  /  Bathing suit / Hygiene products /  NO FULL SIZE BODY TOWELS !


Bicycle Equipment List

·         Gloves -- Fingerless, padded riding gloves (Mandatory) Example (m/f)

·         Eye protection -- sunglasses or clear eye wear. (Mandatory).

·         Helmet *-- On your head (Mandatory)

·         Hydration -- “Camelback” type reservoir, 100 oz. and up (Mandatory), with additional water bottles attached to bike.

·         Rain/weather gear to be carried (in backpack, saddlebag, rack trunk, or pannier)


Night-time Stuff

·         Sleeping Bag **                  

·         Pillow case // NO PILLOWS! // (stuff pillow case w/clothes. aha!)

·         Camping Pad (NOT an air mattress) **

·         Headlamp or flashlight /LED lights are terrific.


Odds and Ends

·         Electronic and internet entertainment is not an option. DO NOT BRING iPods, iPads, or music players.

·         Mobile Phone and charger (important safety tool on road: use after riding will be severely restricted).

·         Harmonicas, kazoos are great. Guitar(s) will travel.

·         Frisbee, boomerangs….. . 

·         Fannypack -- for carrying $ and ID



·         Tents

·         Cooking and eating Gear    

·         Safety gear      

·         Cycle Repairs & tools


What CAN be provided (IF arranged w/ PJC)

Helmet **        Bike **              Sleeping bag & Sleeping pad **


*   can be purchased from cycle shops, mail-order catalogs.

** can be acquired from school, volunteers IF arranged w/ PJClements


Links to On-line Cycling Sources (shorts, underwear, gloves, and other gear)

·         Performance Bicycle Shops // Bike Nashbar //

·         Rivendell Bicycle Works

·         BUT, OUR BEST PROVIDER!!! is right here in town!




The Bicycle Rack Airport Road – Hightstown, NJ 609.448.2928


Owner Van Delfino has helped Peddie students on every bike trip, providing everything from bicycles to clothing to enthusiasm.  I get my gear from him too. --PJClements





(we do laundry once while on the road)



Talk to Pat Clements  (mailto:pclements@peddie.org) / 609.290.4864



-- PJClements


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