2008Peddie Bicycle Touring 2011:  June 7-13, 15-21

Riding Backroads into the Country.     Announcement


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SIGNUP ANNOUNCEMENT //  Bike Ride 2011 Interest Form



The sophomore Bike Trip was originally scheduled as a repetition of our customary 10 day trip, from June 11 through June 20. Last year we took our largest group ever, 32, and initially had to turn down 18 interested kids. This fall, the preliminary “I’m interested” response included almost 70 students. THEREFORE, I’ve designed and gathered volunteers and gear for two identical seven day trips (over the same territory as the original): the first wave from June 7-13; the second, from June 15-21, together accommodating up to 64 kids!  The original 10 day trip was priced at $600; the 7 day trip is thus $425. We'll gather at Peddie at 11.00 a.m. on the starting dates, finish on the steps of the Capitol by noon on the ending date, returning to Peddie by 6.00 pm that evening.


Students who want to participate in the sophomore trip should sign up between 8.00 am Tuesday, February 8, and noon Saturday, February 12, by submitting the (click here to download) Bike Ride 2011 Interest Form to Mr. Clements’s office (Annenberg 210.5), with a parent or guardian’s signature (on same or separate forms). If, at the end of the sign-up period, there is more interest than maximum capacity (64 students), priority will be given to those having expressed earliest, as determined by the “request for interest” back in the fall term. A waiting list may then result. 


FYI: Students are not assigned to tent groups, work groups, or even separate trips by grouping friends together. In fact, the opposite it true: we group together those who know each other least well! However, long distance boarding students will be given priority for slots in the first week’s trip.


The cost of each 7 day trip is $425. Following February sign-ups, a $100 deposit secures as spot, with the balance due by June 1.


For all the information on the trip – philosophy, itinerary, maps, gear lists, consent and health forms, CLICK HERE.



-- PJClements


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